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Mad Cat Lady in the Making

it's just cats.
cats and mcfly.
but mainly cats.
Sep 18 '14
"Sometimes when you open a book, time stops."
Ned Vizzini (via marylovesbooks)
Sep 18 '14
"Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart."
(via drunkrunaways)

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Sep 18 '14
Sep 18 '14
Sep 17 '14
Sep 17 '14
"Chris [Pratt] never uses a spit bucket. When you do scenes where a character is eating, you eat and then spit it out into a ‘spit bucket.’ Chris just keeps eating. If you see Andy eating a cheeseburger in a scene, you should know Chris Pratt ate like 8 cheeseburgers. I love that guy."
Sep 17 '14


Orcas - Tysfjord, Norway

(Source: Flickr / jonathanball)

Sep 17 '14



Here’s the deleted HIMYM alternate ending, uploaded it as a help for those who couldn’t watch it before it got deleted.


Sep 16 '14


Today is September 4th 2014. It has now been 8 years since the death of one of my greatest heroes.Steven Robert Irwin. In that time, and unlike what my comforting mother, and friends assured me, it has not become easier. In the years since his passing I have watched as animal media feed into the hands of the uneducated, sensationalist, and often even cruel TV show hosts only content in showcasing the brutality, and deadly aspects of wildlife. I have seen no one step up to the plate, no one fill that void he left in the world. Consider this an open letter, to all those as tragically in love with the natural world as I. Get out there, be loud, show your self and your love to the world, educate, experience, and just and just freaking live. We are but one species on what may be the most biodiverse planet in the universe. So get up, and make some damn noise, lose the fear, and show them what you love.

       "Because people want to save, the things that they love."

             We all miss you mate. 

Sep 16 '14

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